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उमदमङमसमम भममभ्सम ाम}मरिङमे

ामद्दङमम क्ममभ्म क्मउमहरमरिमसम बमदउमजउम ाम}र रदे दफघ् ामद्दङमम क्ममभ्मअमे ङममूअम ळसभ्ममतद्रख्अमए लमनममसाम}मरए डममरमतमरिम} ङमम बममअममिउमाम} मदिइउमम ाम}म क्मअमहल्मश्रम मिम}ङमम दू घ् ङमद ाम}दमठ दहक्ममए प्मर भ्मरए ाम}मबम भ्मरए रमउसमे बमॅ द्दहड्डकड्डमत बमॅ ङमम ाम}दमत् क्ममूर घ्उमदमङमसमम क्ममूर उमदङममेपम भममभ्सम ाम}मरिङमे मचिमउम भ्मर क्ममभ्म ल्मरमेउमम ाम}र उमाम}समे दफ ्

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The Global Network of Women’s Shelters is an alliance of regional shelter networks around the world. We are the global voice for survivors of gender-based violence and the shelters that serve them. We connect and represent helplines, crisis centers, counseling and community services, and shelters. Working from a human rights and feminist perspective, we strive to meet the needs of all survivors.

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