About Lila.help

On Lila.help you will find trustworthy gender-based violence helplines and NGOs for almost every country in the world. Every helpline or organization on this website is safe, will provide a listening ear, understands what victims need, is part of a broader crisis-help network, and can answer your questions or call for help. Our regional representative know what services are reliable and available in their region, to ensure this directory helps victims at the moment they need it most. But the Leading question is: would you send your loved one, your sister, your friend to this organization?

The general guidelines are that an entered helpline or local organization should:

  • be an organization that helps women and their children / girls fleeing violence
  • know what gender-based violence means to a person
  • be in solidarity with the survivor involved
  • can refer to appropriate (crisis)help
  • provide anonymous help if needed
  • protect survivors confidentially

And ideally offers support that is:

  • free of charge
  • accessible without third party involvement
  • available 24/7
  • accessible for all survivors

About GNWS

The Global Network of Women’s Shelters is an alliance of regional shelter networks around the world. We are the global voice for survivors of gender-based violence and the shelters that serve them. We connect and represent helplines, crisis centers, counseling and community services, and shelters. Working from a human rights and feminist perspective, we strive to meet the needs of all survivors.

Guiding Principles and Core Values of the GNWS:

  1. Governments and societies are responsible for ensuring women’s human rights.
  2. Violence violates women’s human rights and equality.
  3. The women’s shelter movement plays a critical leadership role in the global effort to end violence against women and their children.
  4. We recognize that women and their children can experience multiple forms of violence and oppression.
  5. Our work is guided by the diverse experiences of violence and oppression faced by women and their children.
  6. Perpetrators must be held accountable for their violence.
  7. “We recognize that violence against women is a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between men and women” [3] which perpetuates violence and discrimination against women and their children.
  8. Our work is guided by the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
  9. We work to advance women’s leadership in the global movement to end violence against women.

Our core values are consistent with feminist values and include accessibility; autonomy; dignity and respect; empowerment; equality and equity; inclusiveness; integrity; safety; solidarity; and transparency

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